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WD My Passport Data Recovery

Western Digital is one of leading manufacturer for external hard drives, My Passport, My Passport Ultra, Element, My Book with different interface. Western Digital use hardware based encryption on most of these drives which makes data recovery complex specialized especially from Passport drives. Due to portability these drives are mostly victim of human error e.g dropped, Water Damage etc. If you face such problem, do not panic and do not connect faulty hard disk to computer, call a professional data recovery company for help. We have highest success rate for passport drives as compare to any other company in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad. Pakistan. We have successfully solved many physical problem cases when other people said not recoverable or no hope.

Being a professional data recovery company we are aware of the privacy, external drives are mostly used for personal backups and people are concerned about privacy when it fails. At HDD REPAIRING & DATA RECOVERY you will have peace of mind because we sign a non disclosure agreement with our customers.

We are specialist of Western digital Drives, we have created our our software to solve Firmware issue on these drives, and the decryption of Sectors.

Seagate Expansion Data Recovery

Seagate another big player in hard disk manufacturing, it is also offering external hard drives in both 2.5" and 3.5" for personal backups e.g Expansion drives, Backup Plus. Seagate did not use any hardware based encryption on its hard drives, they you Firmware Encryption. Yet they do fail or suffer a disaster.

When a personal backup drive fails and it holds important data, it is very important to choose the right people who has experience, knowledge and required equipment’s in order to successfully recover data from a faulty, drop or physical problem external hard disk.

With 10 years of professional experience and industry standard hardware solutions we solve most difficult cases with complex physical problems. We have satisfied customer across Pakistan and Gulf Countries and striving to offer top line data recovery services. Please be aware of computer repair shop since they do not have clean room, necessary training and experience. Always send your disk to a reputed data recovery company.

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