HIRS (Hitachi Repair Station)


 HIRS is use for Hitachi hard disk repair. below is the function list which HIRS support

  1. NV-RAM Edit/Read/Write
  2. Module Write/Read/Edit
  3. G-List Write/Read/Edit
  4. Passport Edit
  5. Clear G-List/P-list by soft
  6. P-List view only
  7. Physical Zone Table Reading
  8. RWRS Log to P-List
  9. Clear G-List/P-list by soft
  10. Translator Regen
  11. G To P Move
  12. LBA to CHS
  13. PBA to CHS
  14. DVR Drives Unlocking
  15. Video Drives (PUIS) unlocking
  16. Mini Zone Cutting (Not all models support. but soon) 

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