RWRS (Read/Write Repair Station)


  1. RWRS (Read/Write Repair Station) is used for hard disk sector Erasing, Reading and Verify.
  2. It also has a function to check hard disk S.M.A.R.T.

How to use?

  1. First you have to extract the software.
  2. Now run TestModeOn.bat as administrator and wait for its success message.
  3. Restart your pc.
  4. Now run RWRS.exe file
  5. To set SATA port, goto Menu (Settings->Set SATA Port)
  6. Find your Port with Base, ALT and DMA Address.
  7. Once the port is set. (if hdd is connected to port, you will get Ready status Blue lights in RWRS main screen)
  8. Now run your required test.

Important to know:

  1. This Utility is Free for everyone. (DON'T PAY MONEY TO ANYONE)
  2. For Write/Read test, DMA address should be the same as its available in the Scan Port section. (if you want to enter DMA Address Manually, then be sure that the address is correct, otherwise Write and Read test will not start OR gives you fake Result)
  3. This software works only through PIO mode. (In bios Set Drive Configuration to IDE or ATA mode)
  4. All Microsoft windows from XP are supported (XP, Win7, Win8, Win10)
  5. Both 32-bit and 64-bit version are supported

How to use video:

Copy and paste Link in explorer.
Video Download Link 1 = View Video

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Download Link:

RWRS Download Link = Download Now


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